Natural Colon Cleanse – Get All The Facts

by Safe Cleansing Team on November 2, 2010

There are so many options for colon cleansing on the market these days that I can understand how anyone can get confused.    With so many companies trying to sell their products – and not all of them honestly – in this article I will  shed light on precisely what is a natural colon cleanse and what is not.

What is a natural colon cleanse?

A naturally based cleansing program  starts precisely with nature – the natural functioning of your body and in particular your colon.   The large intestine (colon) works to eliminate up to 1.5 Kg of waste per day.  It is constantly undergoing a process of regeneration and detoxification.    That’s why it’s so important to your health.   If it starts to get partially clogged the rest of the digestive system and health  suffers greatly.    That’s where natural colon cleansing comes  in.

In pure and simple terms it involves non invasive ways of supporting the colon to function better.   Procedures like enemas, colon hydrotherapy (colonics), and colemas,   fall outside of this definition since they all involve special equipment.    Natural ways to detox do  include fasting, changing your diet to include high fiber foods and taking specific herbs to support the colon.

What ingredients are in a natural colon cleanse?

Working with the above definition, the answer to this question really depends on which natural approach you use.   Fasting, of course, requires no special ingredients or recipes.  It however is indeed the most challenging way to cleanse and detox.   Changing your diet to a cleansing diet simply involves replacing  foods that slow digestion such as processed foods, dairy products and meats with foods that support it like fresh fruits and vegetables.

In terms of herbal cleansing,  the best natural colon detox programs out there out there include herbs like burdock root, cascara sagrada and psyllium husks.   If you ever decide to pursue herbal colon cleansing, please beware of an herb called “senna” as it can cause digestive problems if not taken in the right amount.

Is a natural colon cleanse safe?

Yes, if the ingredients are high quality and the instructions are very carefully followed, most people have good success with a natural colon cleansing program.   Unfortunately some of the products that are marketed as “natural”  actually contain dangerous ingredients ranging from chemical stabilizers like titanium dioxide to animal based products like gelatin.

Any pre-made program you try should have only 100% natural ingredients with names that you can pronounce.

Can I complete  a natural colon cleanse at home?

Absolutely!  This is one of the advantages of cleansing naturally.   You don’t need to rely on specialized machines or trained staff to support your colon health.    Following a high quality cleansing program is easy when you have good instructions.   Most people are able to continue working during the process.

Is a natural colon cleanse expensive?

Now,  if you decide to purchase a pre-made quality cleansing program from the store, you’ll find that one 5-10 day round of natural cleansing will cost between $90 and $300.  That’s pretty expensive compared to cleansing at home with homemade recipes.   The last one I did cost just about $14 for 10 days and I made it with ingredients you can find in any supermarket.    Because of the lower cost, I find myself cleansing more often,  which means I tend to stay a lot healthier throughout the year.

Summing up:  Is a natural colon cleanse worth it?

A lot of people have asked me this question.   The answer is an overwhelming “yes,” with one condition.   As long as you a following a thorough, well thought out program cleansing and detox can absolutely change your life for the better.   I’ve personally overcome some pretty chronic allergies that didn’t respond to anything else.   And I’ve seen others lose weight,  improve their digestion, strengthen their immune systems and a lot more.

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