My Story with Colon Cleansing

by Mark Ament on June 27, 2010

I certainly didn’t start out with an interest in colon health. And by my late 20s my health showed it.  Allergies, chronic fatigue, stress, depression, acne, dandruff, colds and flu were all part of my everyday, every-week and every-year reality.

But, somewhere in the back of my mind, I felt that there must be a better way.   My first tentative steps toward that better way involved changing my nutrition. When I was 26, I stopped eating all meat, including fish.  I didn’t have much nutritional guidance as a new vegetarian, but even after just 1 month on a vegetarian diet, I noticed benefits.  Specifically I began to wake up earlier and feel more energy during the day.

As I stayed with the vegetarian diet my eating habits changed. I started to eat more simply – combining less foods at one time and being content with less.  And at one point I stopped eating all dairy products. Almost immediately my allergies began to disappear.

A few years later, while I was studying to be a yoga teacher in Miami, I met a group of people who were the “ultimate vegetarians.” These people ate only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  They looked more radiant than anyone I had ever seen.  I decided to join them. After six weeks of eating only raw vegetarian foods, I couldn’t deny that I felt healthier and younger than I had in years.

I was so inspired by this revelation that I began to study all the “raw food” literature I could get my hands on. I read 100s of books and learned directly from some of the best raw food teachers around.  I was deeply impressed by their vitality, humanity and commitment to share the simple teachings of the raw vegetarian diet.

During this period, I first heard of colon cleansing and its many benefits.  I completed my first colon cleanse a couple of weeks later.  In the years that followed, I researched and experimented many varieties of colon cleansing.  Within 5 years, I’d personally tried all of the major types of cleansing and read all the major literature about colon cleansing.

What I found is that cleansing the colon and keeping it clean led to more health benefits than anything other single thing I had ever done, including being vegetarian, vegan or even a raw food vegan.   The allergies, depression, acne, stress, chronic fatigue of my late 20s all vanished.

I had found a key to vibrant health and began sharing what I had learned. At first, I recommended a high quality pre-made colon cleanse kit (the first one that I had done).  The problem for many people was that it cost over $300.  I did about a year of research and found another kit that was also very effective and just $120.  I’ve recommended that kit now to over 3000 people.

Later, knowing that the ingredients for great colon cleanses are easy to find, I started making my own cleanses at a fraction of the costs of a colon cleanse kit.  With my own cleanses I found myself getting better results and cleansing more often that I would with a pre-made kit.

In addition I discovered how to keep the colon functioning at its best between cleanses, which is something that no cleanse kit, even the great ones, tell you how to do.  I learned about the optimal colon health diet, I found some great colon strengthening exercises and learned ways to cleanse that left me even healthier than before.

I’ve put all that information and experience into “The Lifetime Guide to Colon Health.”   This comprehensive book covers all aspects of colon cleansing.  It contains:

  • Detailed information on all of the major ways to cleanse to cleanse the colon
  • Cleansing solutions for beginning through advanced cleansers
  • Cleansing levels that you can design to fit into your own   schedule
  • All the information you need to create your own cleanses
  • Answers to all major questions about cleansing
  • A complete list of further resources


  • leading edge information previously unpublished in the cleansing  world

The Lifetime Guide To Colon Health” gives you a broad and complete colon cleansing education.

I hope that you use it to become abundantly healthy.  I know I have.




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Allen Williams October 7, 2011 at 1:51 pm

Thank You very Much for the information on colon cleaning and I will surely start eating raw
fruits and veggies, please email me everything on your great information, I sure will use it, Allen

frances diaz December 22, 2011 at 6:00 pm

so are you telling me that the best colon cleanser is eating raw fruits and veggies, because i would like to start to do a colon cleanser i’m 37 yrs old but i really don’t know were to begin. if you could please orient me i would really appreciated.

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