Internal Body Cleansing – What Kinds Are There?

by Safe Cleansing Team on February 12, 2010

There are 5 major types of internal body cleansing that anyone interested in vibrant health should know about.  In alphabetical order they are:

1.  Colon Cleansing – the colon is responsible for eliminating 2-3 kg (4-6 lb) of waste matter everyday.  This waste contains harmful bacteria and other toxins that the liver and small intestine have processed.   If the colon functions smoothly, these wastes leave the body quickly.   If not, they remain in the body where they can cause all sorts of digestive and other problems.  A colon cleanse helps the colon to clear itself of any leftover waste.

2.  Gallbladder Flushing  – the gallbladder produces enzymes that help in the digestion of fat.  If you eat too much fat for the gallbladder to process, especially fat from fried foods, gallstones develop and inhibit the gall bladder’s function.  You can dissolve and eliminate these stones, and restore easy fat digestion, with a thorough gallbladder flush.

3.  Heavy Metal Cleansing – most of us have been exposed to heavy metals through paint, auto exhaust, food packaging and household cleaners.  In addition many people have mercury fillings in their teeth.   Heavy metals can damage every organ in the body, though they are most commonly found in the brain.   A body cleansing program aimed at getting rid of these toxins must be done carefully, but can reward you greatly.

4.  Liver Cleansing – the liver is the garbage collector of the body, responsible for processing most toxic waste materials.  The liver keeps you safe from poisons.   The liver can heal itself rapidly and responds well to  internal body cleansing programs based on certain herbs.

5.  Parasite Cleansing – the World Health Organization estimates that 80% of the worlds population have intestinal parasites.  Parasites are connected to low energy, extreme food cravings, leaky gut syndrome and even cancer.   A combination of herbs and electronic cleansing treatments is helpful in eliminating  parasites.

Completing all of these internal cleanses slowly, over the course of 1-2 years, is a powerful way to restore your health.   But any cleansing program should begin with a colon cleanse.   If you try internal body cleansing of the  blood, gallbladder, liver or other organs with first addressing a blocked colon, the toxins released by cleansing won’t make it out of the body as quickly (if at all) and may cause health problems.

And now I would like to offer you 3 top colon cleansing recipes that are easy to make and proven to get great results. You can get more details by clicking on the highlighted text.

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