How To Acheive A Clean Colon Naturally

by Safe Cleansing Team on February 2, 2011

Are you interested in learning the best strategies for getting and keeping your colon clean naturally?  Read this article for a detailed and accurate explanation by an expert in colon health and detox.

Why Is A Clean Colon Important?

Before we launch into a discussion of how to keep the colon clean and healthy, let’s have a quick look at why the colon is so important to health.   The largest organ of elimination in our bodies is actually our skin.   But in terms of volume of waste eliminated our colon is number one.  The colon must eliminate all the solid waste that our bodies create from the foods we eat. If for some reason it doesn’t do it well, a back up in waste results, which can lead to constipation, diverticulitis and other intestinal problems.   Any residue of waste left in the colon also causes another problem for our bodies.   This waste can block the absorbtion of nutrients from our food and also prevent the creation of positive intestinal bacteria within the colon.

Many doctors including Dr. John Harvey Kellog and Dr. Norman Walker have pointed to colon as the gateway to good health.   Both of them worked tirelessly to help thousand of patients heal a variety of conditions.  Without fail, these two doctors began by getting the colon clean using natural strategies that we’ll go into in just a moment.

How To Know If You Have a Clean Colon Or Not

This is a very important question and one that is fairly easy to answer.   Nearly all people who have eaten a standard western diet with a high percentage of processed foods has at least some waste matter stuck in their colons. Dr. Kellog once reported that in over 3000 patients he say around 10 who had completely clean colons.   The major reason for this situation is tied to a lack of fiber intake.  Fiber acts like a broom and helps clean the colon naturally.   The problem is that most of us get way to little fiber.  More on that soon.

The major signs of a colon that is impaired include:

  • Chronic bad breath
  • Regular constipation
  • Hardened belly
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Skin problems like eczema and acne
  • Chronic low energy and fatigue

If you regularly experience any or all of these you should really look at ways to cleanse your colon easily and naturally.

How To Maintain A Clean Colon Naturally

The good news is that the colon is designed by nature to cleanse and detoxify itself without a lot of help from us. If it wasn’t able to do this, we’d certainly be in for a lot more trouble.   The bad news is that we can eat certain foods that make the colon’s work much harder.   The first step in getting and keeping a naturally clean colon is to eliminate these foods which include fried foods, products made with white flour, white rice and other processed foods.   The second step is to add in plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Most doctors who have even the most minimal training in nutrition will recommend that you eat 60% of your food in the form of fresh raw fruits and veggies. Although some of them have high levels of fiber, you can enhance your colon cleansing even more by taking a third step, which is to take a fiber supplement daily.   Don’t worry, it’s easy and not expensive.  You can just add flax seeds or psyllium seed husks to your daily diet to boost your fiber intake up to around 30g per day.

Is Cleansing Necessary to Create A Clean Colon?

Using the strategies above can go a long way to restoring colon health, but most people will benefit even more from them if they complete a series of herbal colon cleanses.   Herbal detox programs are known to be the most effective form of colon cleansing around.   That’s because these kinds of kits contain herbs that support the body to rid itself of deeper layers of waste that may be trapped in the intestines.

Over the years I’ve personally completed 15 to 20 herbal colon cleanses and the results have been spectacular.  Early on, I did eliminate a lot of extra waste.  But now, it’s just a little bit.  And the really good news is that I have never needed to see a doctor even once for the past 11 years.   My digestion and elimination are regular and my energy level is high and balanced throughout the day.   I attribute 90% of this to completing herbal colon cleanses and to the positive changes in my diet that they provoked.

Final Words on Creating A Clean Colon Naturally

If you’re looking for the best results and real differences in your health and energy levels here is my recommendation.   First, get yourself a high quality detox program and follow it carefully. Watch how different you feel after and continue eating a healthy diet.   Second, both during and after the program make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a fiber supplement each day.   Over the course of 1 to 2 years you can restore your colon to pristine health by following this advice.  And that can only lead to good things.

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