How Natural Colon Cleansing Made Me Well Again

by Safe Cleansing Team on May 14, 2010

I certainly didn’t start out with an interest in colon health. And by my late 20s my health showed it. Allergies, chronic fatigue, stress, depression, acne, dandruff, colds and flu were all part of my everyday, every-week and every-year reality.

It seemed like a lot of my friends were in similar straights, but somewhere it occurred to me that there must be a better way. When I was about 28, I decided to leave off the eating of all animals, including fish. I did it pretty much on my own, but even after just a month as a vegetarian I began to feel better. What I noticed most was that I had more energy during the day and that I needed less sleep.

I stuck with vegetarianism and my eating patters transformed. Simple meals became the norm for me. I combined less different kinds of food and began to feel content with smaller amounts as well. Then one day, on the advice of a friend, I stopped eating anything made from milk – yogurt, cheese, etc. I was surprised that my allergies began to disappear within just a couple of weeks.

I continued as a vegan for about a year and then I met a group of people who simply looked amazing. They were vital and vibrant and bright like no one I had ever seen. They told me that their secret was eating a raw vegan diet. I decided to give it a go and after six weeks I understood why they raved about the lifestyle. I felt younger and better than I ever had.

I became truly excited by this amazing experience and studied in depth all the literature about raw food that i could find (it wasn’t a whole lot – but from it I learned the basics of why raw food is so good for us). I learned about enzyems and vitamins and minerals among other things.

During this period, at a lecture with David Wolfe, one of the world’s leading raw food nutrition experts, I first heard of colon cleansing and its many benefits. I completed my first colon cleanse a couple of weeks later.

In the years that followed, I researched and experimented many varieties of colon cleansing. Within 5 years, I’d personally tried all of the major types of cleansing and read all the major literature about colon cleansing.

In my practice I learned that having a properly functioning colon is the key to radiant health. The results I got from my cleansing efforts were more than being vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan combined. No more allergies, depression, stress, acne or chronic fatigue! In my opinion it’s the single most important natural health practice any of us can perform.

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