The Special Lifetime Guide to Colon Health

home remedy colon cleansing

A comprehensive guide to colon health.  In this 330 page eCourse you’ll learn everything you’d ever need to know in order to keep your colon healthy for the rest of your life.

We’ve made the guide practical and accessible enough for anyone to use.  From beginning cleanses to advanced cleansing with herbs – you’ll find useful information that you can act on today to improve your health.

We’ve also included some cutting edge information that nobody else in the cleansing world is talking about.

Here is the complete table of contents:

Home Remedy for Colon Cleansing

Using this guide you can:

  • Learn within 10 minutes how much you need a colon cleanse. Using the “colon cleanse calculator” you can quickly determine what the safest cleansing method is for you right now.
  • Be confident in choosing the right kind of cleansing for you.  The course gives you options and for mild, medium and advanced  cleansing. No matter how busy you are or how your health changes, you’ll find a cleansing solution for you.
  • Get started cleansing within two hours. Some of the most effective ways to keep the colon clean involve only adding some easy to find foods to your diet.
  • Access 75 colon cleanse recipes that you can use to make great tasting colon cleansing meals.
  • Discover how to make your own homemade colon cleanse using herbs– with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, photos and detailed colon cleanse recipes.
  • Learn how to come of your cleanse wisely and gently and  integrate the positive changes you’ve made in your life.
  • Understand how to keep the colon healthy everyday even when you’re not cleansing.
  • Have access to some advanced natural health  strategies that are getting people real, powerful results.

Here’s what a few of our customers have to say about this guide:

After I spent two years with a gastroenterologist for my Irritable Bowel Syndrome with little or no result, I decided to cleanse with herbs and within a week I had lost 10kg in weight and felt my energy return. Now I have less pain and bloating. I have been absolutely amazed at the results.–Brian

“I no longer crave those unhealthy foods that I knew I ‘shouldn’t’ be eating! Throughout the years I have done several different cleansing programs. This one was the easiest of all programs that I have tried, yet the results were rewarding. At the end my thinking was clearer, my energy had returned and healthy eating habits had been re-established.–Janet

My pain has now ceased. In just 5 days I was left stunned at the material that left my body. It looked like it had been there all my life and smelt like toxic diesel fumes.” –Paul

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home remedy colon cleansing

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