The Complete Herbal Detox Recipe

herbal colon cleanseHerbal  cleansing is a powerful way to get results quickly.  No need to buy an expensive herbal colon cleanse kit when you can make one on your own for just about $15.

If you’re ready for a deep, thorough detox, the best choice is to use an herbal colon cleanser.  When well designed, they work to release mucoid plaque from your body and create powerful results

Here’s something about health that everyone should know.

Mucoid plaque is a thick rubber like substance that begins to line our intestines after years of eating mucus forming foods like fried foods, meats and dairy products.  The problem with having the plaque inside your intestinal tract is that prevents nutrients from being fully absorbed like they should be.   You can picture it like this:  the nutrients from the food you eat are like drops of rain. Normally when the hit the soft surface of your intestinal walls, they are easily absorbed.  But when they hit hard intestinal plaque first, they  bounce off like rain bouncing off a tire.

Have you ever known anyone who eats well, takes all sorts of vitamins, minerals and even superfoods like Maca,  and still doesn’t seem to get healthier?   It’s possible that they have plaque in their system that is blocking the absoprtion of nutrients.

You’ve may have seen some pictures on the internet of mucoid plaque.  If you haven’t here’s what this stuff looks like when it’s out of your system.   This picture was kindly provided by a friend who used our exact herbal colon cleanse recipe to get this gunk out of his body.

herbal colon cleanser

If you’d like to rid yourself of this kind of waste, your best bet, in our experience, is to use a high quality herbal colon cleanse.   The herbs in such a cleanse work to soften the plaque and support the intestinal walls to release it.

There’s no describing how much better you feel when you’ve freed your body from mucoid plaque.  That’s why we recommend herbal colon cleansing for anyone who wants the deepest results in colon cleansing.

Until now, herbal colon cleansing has been pretty expensive.

The least you can spend for an herbal colon cleanse kit that will produce this kind  of results is about $90 per kit.  And since it takes time to release most layers of plaque, you may end up spending that  much 2 or 3 times per year.

But now, you don’t have to.   We’ve just put our proven herbal homemade colon cleanse recipe into an ebook that you can get  right now.   It contains complete information and instructions on how to make and take this cleanse.

And for just about $14 worth of herbs, you’ll be able to cleanse for 10 full days!

Using this information you will:

  • Know exactly what’s in an herbal colon cleanser and why
  • Understand why taking low quality herbs can be harmful and how to avoid them
  • Find out exactly where to purchase high quality herbs in your town and on the internet
  • Learn the three parts of any good herbal colon cleanse program
  • Get exact measurements and precise instructions for making the cleansing formulas
  • Get a specific daily schedule for taking the herbs for the cleanse
  • Find out exactly what you’ll need to eat and drink durin your cleanse to get the best results

What’s even better about this recipe is that it cleanses not only the colon but also the liver and kidneys.

That way, in just one recipe, you get a complete internal body cleanse of your major detoxificaiton organs.  With  this recipe there’s no need to buy separate programs or kits for cleansing the liver or the kidneys!

Before we continue we want to let you know that making your own herbal colon cleanse will take you about 1 hour the first time you do it.  You should be prepared to invest a little bit of time if you decide to follow our recipe.

Remember, though,  that you’ll be able to make this recipe over and over and  share it with friends and family who also want to improve their health.

Our herbal colon cleanse recipe is designed for people who are ready to get  powerful health results quickly through cleansing.

Wow! Words Cannot Describe the Results I Achieved. I have suffered from constant bloating, constipation, fatigue and headaches from my early teens. My weight was a constant battle and many foods made me feel bloated and constipated. I resorted to laxatives which eventually through constant use, no longer worked for me but instead made my problem worse! I tried everything over the years and even tried cleanses of other brands which did not seem to help either. I visited a friend and he put me onto your program. I completed it with WONDERFUL RESULTS! For the first time in my life, my stomach is flat. And I now know what foods I can and can’t eat to prevent constipation and bloating. Thank you!” -Karen, New Zealand

“Following My First Cleanse I Lost a Staggering 22 pounds. I lost another 14 lbs on my second cleanse. I was very overweight prior to the cleanses and can emphatically state that I felt marvelous following each one. With the second cleanse I felt a more spiritual cleanse as well as the other great benefits.” -Alan, Chicago

Our herbal colon cleanse recipe gets great results as long as your willing to stay with the program.  So, if you’re new to cleansing  or not sure yet, we suggest you try on of our simpler recipes first.

If you’re ready to go for it, just pick up a copy of our ebook and get started today.  You can download this ebook straight to your computer in the next 2 minutes and get started today.  As with all our ebooks we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. So there’s no risk at all to you.

P.S.   This ebook comes with full support from the Safe Colon Team.  If you have any question, e-mail us.  You can expect a personal response within 24 hours.

herbal colon cleanser

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