4 Colon Cleansing Myths Revealed

by Safe Cleansing Team on February 12, 2010

Are you thinking about colon cleansing, but wondering if you can get some straight talk about it?   Read this article to discover the 4 top myths about  colon cleansing.

Colon Cleanse Myth 1: “Colon cleansing is a quick fix, cure all remedy.”

Beware of hype and sensationalism.  In over 14 years of experience with internal cleansing and natural healing I have learned that the practice of cleansing is a cumulative step-by-step process.

It is true that a good colon cleanse can make you feel better and improve your overall health in relatively a short amount of time.  But for most people it takes several cleanses as well as a daily cleansing diet to get the deepest benefits.   It’s  a process that builds up over time.

The most effective long term cleansing approach is to stick with the basics of a cleansing diet over a long period of time and then add special colon cleansing recipes on occassion.   Taking cleansing slowly and consciously, you’re a lot more likely to succeed and get the health results you’re looking for.

Colon Cleanse Myth  2:  “You don’t need colon cleansing – the colon cleans itself.”

In an ideal world, this would be true.   The colon is designed to clean itself – in fact it does so everyday for most of us.  But the colon only works at its best when you provide it with enough dietary fiber.

Fiber comes only from plant material and works to  strengthen the muscles of the colon.  These muscles need to be strong in order for the colon to contract and push waste out of the body.

Fiber is so important that, in people who have a daily fiber intake of at least 30 grams, bowel disease is unheard of.   On the other hand, in most modern societies, the  average consumption of fiber is just 11 grams and digestive diseases are a leading cause of death.

If you are one of those very rare people who have had a high fiber intake your whole life, you might not need colon cleansing.  However, if your like the rest of us, you can definitely benefit from a well designed cleanse that includes adding more daily fiber to your diet.

Colon Cleanse Myth  3:  ” Mucoid plaque is not real.”

Have you seen the rather unpleasant pictures on the internet of what comes out of some people when they complete a colon cleanse?   It looks like long strands of a gooey brown or green substance.   Actually, this substance is the consistency of a dark rubber and is called “mucoid plaque.”

Some people who haven’t tried a quality cleanse, claim that this stuff is produced by the ingredients of a colon cleanse.    In my experience and that of thousands of other this is most certainly a myth.

Mucoid plaque forms in the intestines when we eat a high fat, high protein, low fiber diet.     Mucus, which is designed to protect the soft tissues of the body,  can stay in the body too long when the colon doesn’t function well.  Over time it can eventually harden into “plaque.”   This layer of plaque prevents nutrients from being absorbed and slows down elimination.  Everyone feels better when this is removed.

It is important to note, though, that the only truly proven way to get mucoid plaque out of your body is with a high quality colon cleanse based on herbs.

Colon Cleanse Myth 4:  “Colon cleansing is expensive.”

There are a lot of products and treatments on the market and its true that you could easily spend several hundred – even several thousand dollars on some of them.   But you don’t have to.  Most of the ingredients to make your own high quality colon cleanses are easily available.     All you need are the best recipes and instructions for creating and taking them.     My last colon cleanse cost me just $14 for 10 days and got quite a bit of mucoid plaque out of my body.

And now I would like to offer you 3 top colon cleansing recipes that are easy to make and proven to get great results. You can get more details by clicking on the highlighted text.

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