Colon Cleanse Calculator

Use this questionnaire to find out how much you can benefit from a colon cleanse.  Note: this is a general tool and not meant for diagnosis.  Please contact your doctor if you are concerned about your health.

Instructions:   Answer all of the following quesiotns. On a sheet of paper, write 1 for every “Yes” answer and 2 for every “No” answer. Then total your answers and read our recommendations.


1. Is this your first colon cleanse?                                     Yes =  1    No = 2
2. Are you experiencing any health issues?
3. Do you have high blood triglyceride levels
or suffer from hypertension?
4. Do you have elevated cholesterol or
5. Do you have numbness or tingling in your
arms or legs?
6. Do you have high blood pressure,
asthma, or colitis?
7. Do you have gingivitis, periodontal disease

General Health Score  ____________

B.    DIET

8. Do you eat meat more than 3 times                            Yes =  1     No = 2
9. Do you eat commercially baked sweets
more than 3 times weekly?
10.  Do you eat  fried foods more than
3 times weekly?
11.  Do you use vegetable oil daily?
12.  Do you consume fish more  than two
times per week?
13.  Do you regularly include fast food in
your diet (3 or more times per week)?
14.  Do you eat dried beans e.g. pinto,
navy, black, etc. less than three times
per week?
15.  Do you eat two or more servings of
bread, pasta, candy, colas, or
fruit juice a day?
16.  Do you eat fewer than five servings of
fresh, raw vegetables and fruits per day?
17.  Do you drink any highly caffeinated
beverages such as soft drinks or
energy drinks?
18.  Do you drink tap water?
19.  Do you crave salt or sugar?
20.  Do you drink coffee?

Diet  Score  ____________


21.  Do you experience belching, bloating,               Yes =  1     No = 2
or persistent fullness soon after
eating, or do you experience
excess gas often?
22.  Do you have fewer than 2 bowel
movements daily?
23.  Do you experience heartburn or acid
reflux two or more times per week?
24.  Are you allergic to any specific foods?
25.  Do you experience constipation more
than twice a month?
26.  Do you feel fatigued or lethargic after
27.  Do you commonly have bad breath or
bad taste in your mouth?
28.  Do you use digestive aids such as
laxatives, antacids, or acid-blocking
29.  Do you often feel “older” than you are?
30.  Does your skin look sallow, gray, puffy,
wrinkled, or aged?
31.  Do you become tired or light-headed
or do you feel the need to eat again
just two or three hours after your last meal?
32.  Do you wake up often during the
night to urinate?

Digestive Health Score ____________


33.  Do you smoke?                                                           Yes =   1     No = 2
34.  Do you drink alcohol more than
3x per week?
35.  Does your waistline extend beyond
your hips or are you overweight?
36.  Do you exercise less than three times
each week?
37.  Are you frequently tired for no reason
(especially around 3 p.m.)?
38.  Do you have stiff and sore muscles
(unrelated to recent exercise)?
39.  Do you have poor stamina, shortness
of breath, or feel exhausted after exercising?
40.  Have you taken any diet pills in the
last 3 years?
41.  Do you frequently feel “stressed out”?
42.  Do you have difficulty falling asleep
or maintaining sleep through the night?

Lifestyle and Fitness Score ____________


43.  Have you ever been exposed to toxic              Yes = 1     No = 2
chemicals or heavy metals?
44.  Do you become physically ill when
exposed to strong smells (perfume,
auto-exhaust, cigarette smoke, etc.)?
45.  Do you use chemical cleaners or
solvents at home, at work, or in
your hobbies?
46.  Do you live in a house/apartment or
work in an office less than 5 years old?
47.  Do you have any amalgam (mercury)
dental fillings?
48.  Are you prone to side effects from
medications or supplements, or have
you become more sensitive to the
effects of alcohol or caffeine (reduced tolerance)?
49.  Do you have any pets, especially dogs,
cats, birds, or other furred or feathered
50.  Do you have carpets in your home?

Chemical Sensitivity Score ____________


51.  Do you catch colds or the flu easily?                 Yes = 1     No = 2
52.  Do colds, flu, or other infections tend
to linger in your system more than
5 days?
53.  Do you have a chronic cough, scratchy
throat, sinus congestion, or excess
mucous production making it necessary
to clear your throat often?
54.  Do you have seasonal allergies or
known allergies to dust, animals, or mold?
55.  Have you ever been diagnosed with an
autoimmune disease?
56.  Do you have dark circles under
your eyes?
57.  Do you have difficulty seeing at night?
58.  Do you have white spots on your
59.  Have you recently had any vaccinations?

Immune System Score__________


1. Are you very easily fatigued?                                    Yes = 1     No = 2
2. Do you suffer from Pre-Menstrual
Syndrome (PMS)?
3. Do you have painful menses (periods)?
4. Do you frequently experience
depression before or during menstruation?
5. Is your menstrual cycle prolonged in
duration or excessive in terms of blood flow?
6. Are your breasts overly sensitive or
“painful” before, during, or after menses?
7. Do you menstruate too frequently
(more than once per month or sporadic flow)?
8. Do you produce a vaginal discharge?
9. Have you had a hysterectomy or
had your ovaries removed?
10. Do you have menopausal
“hot flashes”?
11. Is your menses irregular or
absent altogether?
12. Do you have acne or other skin
blemishes that worsen during menses?
13. Have you felt depressed for 3
months or longer?

Women Only Score  ____________


1. Are you very easily fatigued?                                     Yes = 1     No = 2
2. Do you have premature ejaculation?
3. Is urination difficult or do you “dribble”
i.e. can’t stop completely
4. Have you experienced or are you
experiencing prostate trouble?
5. Do you often wake up during the
night to urinate?
6. Do you have pain on the inside of
your legs or heels?
7. Do you have feelings of incomplete
bowel evacuation or “not emptying fully”?
8. Do you have problems sleeping
9. Do you avoid even routine or mild
physical activity?
10.  Do you run out of energy during
the day?
11.  Do you experience leg nervousness
or “twitching” at night?
12.  Do you have difficulty falling
asleep or maintaining sleep
through the night?
13.  Have you felt depressed for
3 months or longer?

Men Only Score ____________

Total of All Scores_________


Total Score:    66 – 68

If your total score is in this range your colon is functioning below its capacity and is contributing to negative symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, gas, irritable bowel syndrome and more. It is also sure that your body is carrying more toxins than average.

You are highly likely to benefit immediately and drastically from any type of colon cleansing. But you should move into cleansing gradually to keep from detoxifying the body too rapidly.

Start with:  3 Top Colon Cleansing Recipes

Or: The Optimal Colon Cleansing Diet

Total Score:    83 – 98

If your total score is in this range, your colon is functioning below capacity and is likely creating negative health symptoms like headaches, blurry vision, poor digestion, irritability and lack of mental focus.  Colon cleansing should be a priority and will most likely help you reduce some of these symptoms.

Start with:  3 Top Colon Cleansing Recipes

Or: The Optimal Colon Cleansing Diet

Total Score:    99 – 113

If your score falls within this range your internal health is better than average, though it’s likely that your colon is performing somewhat less than its full capacity.  It may be contributing to symptoms like bad breath, acne, oily skin, eczema or allergies.

It is wise to make time to complete a deeper level of cleansing as soon as you can.

Start with:  Our Herbal Detox Recipe

Or:  The Lifetime Guide To Colon Health

Total Score:    113 – 132

If your score falls within this range, you are doing a lot to positively affect your own health.  Congratulations!   You can still benefit greatly from colon cleansing.

Unless you’ve done significant amounts of herbal or oxygen colon cleansing, you still have mucoid plaque in your system. It feels wonderful to get this entirely out of the body. Because you are in overall excellent health, you can proceed with an herbal cleanse staight away.

Start with:  Our Herbal Detox Recipe

Or:  The Lifetime Guide To Colon Health

One final note: If you’ve determined that you could benefit from a colon cleanse, it’s important to find the right cleansing method for you. Many people prefer herbal fiber cleanses to other methods as fiber provides a gentle yet highly effective method of cleansing. Additionally, herbal fiber supplements are all natural and offer a number of health promoting benefits in addition to cleansing and detoxification.