Cleanse Detox Diet

by Safe Cleansing Team on February 23, 2011

If you’re looking for the best information about the cleanse detox diet, you’ve come to the right place.   In this article I’m going to reveal how it’s done and why it works so well.

Understanding What The Cleanse Detox Diet Does

You might be wondering exactly what a detoxification diet does.  Does it actually cleanse the body?   The simple answer to that is “no.”  The body cleanses itself every day and all day long.  If it didn’t we’d all die after just a few days.

But what a cleansing diet does accomplish is to help the body detox itself faster and better.  It does this by supporting the liver, the kidneys and the colon to work more effectively.    Isn’t it amazing to realize that your organs work independently of you thinking about it and that you actually help them work better.

How The Cleanse Detox Diet Helps To Heal

Again, your body heals itself.   Imagine when you get a cut on your hand, for example, the body heals.  Same thing with your internal health.   That’s simply how your body is designed.   In specific a cleansing diet does several things:

  • Provides a high amount of dietary fiber: Cleansing foods, especially leafy greens contain high levels of dietary fiber which is absolutely critical for digestion and elimination.  The recommended daily allowance of dietary fiber is 27 grams, which is easy to achieve on a cleanse detox diet.  Fiber is only found in plant foods and is only valuable as a cleanser when it is raw.  Cooked fiber becomes soft and passive and loses its magnetic cleansing properties.
  • Provides Plenty of digestive enzymes: Raw food that has not been heated above 43C or 118F for any significant length of time is still full of life giving enzymes.  Food enzymes help to break food down in the digestive tract fully and quickly, thus leaving the digestive system to function more smoothly and rapidly.   Enzyme therapy is sometimes used to help people start a cleanse and regain their health.
  • Gives you more pure fresh water: Water is nature’s universal solvent, capable of breaking down anything in its path.  Raw foods contain high levels of water – up to 85% for some fruits.  This helps digestion and prevents dehydration, which allows for smooth and regular elimination.  Dehydration is considered to be a major cause of chronic constipation.   With a diet high in raw foods this is not an issue.
  • Provides more chlorophyll: Chlorophyll from leafy greens is a fantastic deodorizer and detoxifier.  Fresh green juice made from grasses and leaves is particularly powerful as a cleansing tool.
  • Helps eliminate mucus: Heavily cooked foods and especially meat, eggs and milk products cause an allergic reaction in the body which creates mucus in the lining of the intestines and stomach.  Raw fruits and vegetables help eliminate this mucus.  Sea vegetables are particularly helpful for mucus detox.

What You Need To Know To Succeed on The Cleanse Detox Diet

To get the best results you simply need the best information.   There are several tips I can give you here to get started.

  • Cleansing is not an immediate cure all.  You need to be patient and you need to stick to the program.
  • Any good program is going to take involve commitment on your part.   A minimum of 30 days is necessary for the most results.
  • You need to make sure you have plenty of water to drink during the program.
  • There are several things you can do to enhance your results.   Most of them are free and can be done anywhere.
  • You should really have a wealth of recipes at your disposal in order to succeed.   The cleanse detox diet is not about starving yourself.  It’s simply about knowing what foods to eat to support your body to detox and how to prepare them.

Final Thoughts on The Cleanse Detox Diet

After all my experience with cleansing, I truly believe that this is a powerful and wonderful way to restore your health and boost your energy as well as to make life changes that will bring you more vitality and energy.

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