Clarifying the Myths of Colon Cleansing

by Safe Cleansing Team on June 21, 2010

As an expert in the colon cleansing field, I’ve become quite familiar with both arguments in favor and against the practice. The reality is that there is a lot of hyperbole and misinformation on both sides. That can make it difficult to get a balanced view about colon cleansing.

In this article I’ll reveal the top colon cleanse myths that you’ve probably already come across so that you can decide for yourself if cleansing is something you’d like to try.

Myth Number One: “Colon Cleansing is A Cure All”

The promoters of colon cleansing often sound like used car salesman. It’s not uncommon for them to suggest that the practice will fix everything that’s wrong with you. Don’t believe all that. It’s true that a good colon cleanse can produce powerful and beneficial health results, but it takes time and consistent effort to achieve. In my experience it is most helpful to approach you cleanse and detox process with this knowledge.

Myth Number Two: “There’s No Need to Colon Cleanse – The Colon Does it by itself.”

This argument comes from the side against colon cleansing. Here’s the thing, in an ideal world it’s absolutely true that the color cleanses itself on its own. But the reality is that the colon only works well when you give it enough fiber. The recommended intake is 30gm everyday. Most people eating a standard western diet eat around 12. Thus colon disease and digestive problems are widespread and growing. In the case that you’ve always eaten enough fiber you probably don’t need a colon cleanse. But a person like that is very rare.

Myth Number Three: “Those Pictures Of Plaque Aren’t Real”

By now you may have seen some images on the internet of goopy brown or green strands that people have released as part of a colon cleanse. Some detractors insist that these are not real. Having done many cleanses myself I can assure you that this “mucoid plaque,” as it is called is indeed real. It’s also a real problem since it inhibits the absorption of nutrients in the intestines. Plaque forms when we eat too many fatty foods and not enough fiber and the best way to get it out is to cleanse with herbs.

Myth Number Four: “Colon Cleansing Costs A Lot Of Money.”

It’s true that there a number of colon treatments out there that could run you several hundred dollars. The fundamentals, however, are really simple and most of the ingredients you need to make your own high quality colon cleanse are right on the shelves of your grocery store. All you need are some instructions and recipes. My last cleanse cost a total of about $18 and did wonders for my health.

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